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Give Me Your Hand is a taut, atmospheric study of female friendship and competition, set against the world of science research. Plan on seeing this book everywhere this summer, and plan on having a few breathless conversations with strangers over the magic of Megan Abbott. A London doctor is informed that after decades of searching, police have apprehended her father, a former lord turned fugitive wanted for murder, based on the case of Lord Lucan from the s.

A Double Life is suspense at its very best, a penetrating investigation into crimes both intimate and expansive. A small town in Florida is full of secrets, especially when it comes to the eery historical plantation, the disappearances of several young people, and its dark relationship to a serial killer. All the claustrophobia of small town life is there, with an added intensity as the search for answers propels a local mother who vowed she would leave the place behind.

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The Other Woman is the eighteenth in the Gabriel Allon series, and the characters feel as timely and complex as ever. After losing an arm in a futuristic civil war brought on by contemporary American politics, Dr. Watson heads to D. The two team up to investigate the strange deaths of ex-soldiers previously stationed on a base with plenty of secrets. With the exception of Benedict Cumberbatch. We love you Benedict!!

One has to love to a crime of opportunity, and what better way to take advantage of circumstance to commit a crime than a murder in a hunting party? This chilling psychological thriller is set on the Isle of Wight. As someone with a sister, I always enjoy stories where sisters either help each other or, as in this case, slowly tear each other apart….

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Stroby is a master of the high-octane crime novel, a perfect combination of pace and atmospherics. His latest, Some Die Nameless , sees an ex-military man living on a houseboat straight out of John D. MacDonald, when his past sins come back to haunt him. His path intersects with an investigative reporter from up north, and together they stagger across an intricate and sinister government conspiracy.

This is a page-turner in the best possible sense. A psychological thriller that will haunt you long after the last page. A college professor who witnesses the aftermath of a murder receives the gift of a typewriter…that seems to be typing of its own volition, and seems to be connected to the murder. A Noise Downstairs is a strange and insidious story, packed with psychological insights. Grace is called in and has to wade into a dark underworld of organized crime, sports betting, and much, much worse. It All Falls Down finds Nora searching for her own parents.

Her quest takes her from her home in Vancouver to fleabag hotels and derelict buildings in Detroit, where her father, who later committed suicide, grew up. The more Nora learns about the past the more questions she has: how did her father meet her mother? Could she still be alive? Its premise? When a conspiracy theorist more interested in views than in discoveries finally stumbles on an actual conspiracy, all hell breaks loose. This is like Indiana Jones for everyone who knew Jones was a complete a-hole but still wanted to watch the movies.

His new novel, Safe Houses , is an elegant work of espionage fiction.

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Trust Me, her latest mystery, is a psychological and sinister story. A journalist mourning the death of her family years earlier becomes involved with the case of a woman accused of killing her own child, for an intriguing mashup of courtroom thriller and domestic suspense. Set in Galway, this searing debut brings together procedural and psychological thriller for a fascinating portrait of small-town Ireland and its big city problems. Addiction, suicide, corruption, and desperation all play their part in this intricate, unsettling noir.

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  4. Whatcha hiding, lake? The Last Time I Lied takes place at a summer camp, when a game of two truths and a lie turns dangerous, and years after, when a former camper returns to Camp Nightingale, desperate to discover its secrets. As a British actress living without a green card in New York City, Claire Wright is compelled to work for a firm of divorce lawyers.

    The arrangement gets complicated when one of her clients is murdered, and the cops are convinced the husband did it. To ensnare the husband, though, Claire is going to have to give the performance of her life. Cuba before the fall has long been a subject of interest in our genre, and who could forget the kiss of death Michael gives to Fredo just before they exit the city? Alex de Campi and Victor Santos, with their new graphic novel Bad Girls , both partake of this long tradition and turn it on its head.

    The gorgeous colors and clean lines of this graphic novel complement the stylish storytelling, for a noir comic not to be missed. Kellye Garrett won the Agatha Award for Best First Novel for her debut, Hollywood Homicide , and we expect her second installment in her Detective by Day series, featuring protagonist Dayna Andrews, to be just as charming.

    Her solitude is even further interrupted when one of her unwanted neighbors is murdered, and she investigates the tight-knit group and their many internecine struggles. The latest is a weighty and thrilling look at father-son relationships, the allure and dangers of the natural world, the power of prophecy, jurisdictional battling, backwoods survival, and corruption at the highest levels of business and government. A private plane crashes on the remote Desolation Mountain in northern Minnesota, killing a prominent politician and setting off a search for answers and survivors.

    While both Security and Blood Highway feature scrappy protagonists with comic book names denoting moxy and toughness, Security was a locked room mystery where Wohlsdorf spent the better part of the action playing with contained space, while Blood Highway takes its show on the road, as a young woman and her fugitive father go on a hell-raising road trip in search of some cash. To even describe the plot of this thriller—a bit of a departure for espionage master Steinhauer—would be to give too much away.

    There is a secret, decentralized movement in America known as the Massive Brigade, which wants to overthrow the government, and one day people disappeared from their lives, leaving families, cell phones, and their identities in order to participate in the coming revolution.

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    5. The leader of the brigade is Martin Bishop, a crusader for social justice, and as the book unfolds we learn much more about Bishop, his followers, and whether their dream of revolution becomes reality. In The Reservoir Tapes , McGregor continues his reinvention of the familiar village disappearance story, introducing a number of new voices and perspectives to tell the story not only of the mystery, but of the town, in its full complexity and humanity.

      Suffice it to say, McGregor is one of the most profound authors at work today, and the Reservoir novels are a must-read for anyone who believes in the significance and potential of crime fiction. David Joy has become one of the strongest voices of Appalachian noir and of Southern fiction over the past couple of years, and his latest cements this reputation. One of two books on this summer preview to feature hunting accidents, The Line That Held Us follows a hunter in pursuit of a buck that has long-evaded him, only to accidentally kill a man digging for ginseng in the woods instead.

      Rena Olsen works as a marriage therapist, which is why the relationships in her books are so realistically messed up. Her first psychological thriller, The Girl Before , begins with the slow untangling of an abusive relationship, while her followup, With You Always , takes us through how such a relationship comes to be, but the theme of each is the same—the harm of magical thinking and unquestioning love in relationships. Her new novel takes place in a resort during a blizzard, and thus should be the perfect read to cool down as the summer stretches on and on, and that warning from Game of Thrones becomes more of a fervent prayer: Please, let winter come….

      Solares has a high-octane style that will be familiar to readers of US thrillers, and he knows the terrain—cartel run depots in northern Mexico—as well as anyone around.

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      Bibliomysteries Volume 2 , edited by Otto Penzler. Each story involves the world of books, bookstores, rare editions, etc. Now, a new omnibus collection volume 2, no less brings these gems together between two covers. Penzler and his beloved bookshop are co-conspirators here at CrimeReads, so we may be partial, but this volume is a necessity for serious crime fans. However, there's more to this young man than meets the eye, as unknown memories claw at his mind, slowly reminding him of the person he used to be.

      Kyoto Animation 1 ep. One cold Christmas day, Kyon heads over to school and the SOS Brigade's holiday celebration, only to realize that Haruhi Suzumiya seems to have disappeared. Moreover, no one even remembers her or the SOS Brigade; Mikuru Asahina knows nothing and is now afraid of him, and Itsuki Koizumi has also gone missing.

      Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu is based on the fourth light novel of the acclaimed Haruhi series and is set after the events of the anime series. Not uncultured in the supernatural, Kyon will have to deal with his whole life turned upside down like a bad joke, and maybe it's better that way. Movie - Feb 6, Watch Video Shiki. Daume 22 eps. Mystery Horror Supernatural Thriller Vampire.

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      Fifteen-year-old Megumi Shimizu dreamed of a glamorous life in the big city; however, her unexpected death in the quiet village of Sotoba marks the beginning of what appears to be a ferocious epidemic that turns the hot summer into a season of blood and terror. A young doctor named Toshio Ozaki begins to doubt the nature of the disease and comes to understand that to discover the truth, he must abandon his humanity. Meanwhile, Natsuno Yuuki, an antisocial youth from the city, is haunted by the sudden death of Megumi and must realize the pain of friendship in the face of his own tragedy.

      Toshio and Natsuno form an unlikely pair as they work together to save Sotoba before it transforms into a ghost town of vampires.